Protect Your Home from Creepy Crawlies with Ed’s Dead Bug

Warranty Service
Keeping your home free of bugs long-term requires more than a single treatment. Treatments designed
to prevent ants, spiders, and stinging pests from making your home theirs don’t last forever, so
quarterly maintenance is key.
With Ed’s Dead Bug warranty program, you get preventative treatments every three months. This
creates an effective barrier against a variety of insect pests, ensuring they don’t take up residence in and
around your house.
Protection You Can Afford
Many people believe that pest warranty services are expensive when that simply isn’t the case. At Ed’s
Dead Bug, we make pest prevention affordable, ensuring you can protect one of your biggest
investments: your home.
Our warranty service plan is just $33 a month. For that price, you get quarterly treatments designed to
keep ants, spiders, and stinging pests from getting comfortable in and around your home.
All of our treatments are designed to yield the best outcome. After all, pest control products are like
medications; if you use the wrong ones, you don’t get the results you need.
Additionally, all of our pest control products are as safe as they are effective, including for you, your
family, your pets, and the environment. Plus, as part of our $33-a-month warranty service program, we
rotate the products we use, ensuring you get ideal coverage at a price that makes sense for your budget.
Why Sign Up for a Warranty Service?
Ultimately, out $33-a-month warranty service plan provides you with unparalleled peace of mind. You
can rest assured knowing that your home is fully protected against ants, spiders, and stinging pests for
one low monthly costs.
The warranty service plan also provides you with predictability. For the duration of your contract, your
price won’t change for treatments involving all of the covered pests. This makes budgeting a breeze!
Plus, if you notice an ant, spider, or stinging pest problem between visits, we’ll come out and handle it
for no additional cost. This means that you never have to worry about new service fees for any covered
How Does It Work?
At Ed’s Dead Bug, we understand the value in simplicity. That is why we make sure that our $33-a-
month plan is easy for you every step of the way.
After completing the contract, you’ll receive a monthly bill. We offer a variety of payment options,
including an online portal that allows you to pay online.
Your preventative treatments are scheduled once every quarter. We understand that life gets hectic,
and remembering your quarterly appointment is coming up isn’t always easy. As a courtesy, we send a
reminder email before every scheduled treatment and give you the option to reschedule if the need
When your warranty service day comes, for outdoor treatments, you don’t even have to be home if your
property is accessible. We will come by at the scheduled time and apply the proper treatments, and
you’ll always receive a notification after our visit is complete.
At Ed’s Dead Bug, we want to make our warranty service easy and affordable every step of the way. If
you want to learn more, give us a call or send an email. We are always happy to discuss our warranty
service in detail, ensuring you are confident in your choice to sign up.