Pest Control Professional? More Like Home Doctor!

When you think of pest control professionals, you probably see them as a solution to a problem. Technically, that’s true. When rodents or insects are an issue, the services they offer can be the answer.
But that isn’t all a pest control professional is. In many ways, these specialists are more like home doctors. Their goal isn’t just to rid your property of a pest, but to make your house healthy.
If you’d like to learn more about how pest control professionals are more like home doctors, here’s what you need to know.
It All Starts with a Patient History
When a pest control professional arrives at your home, the first step they take is to learn more about the problem. They talk with the homeowner to learn more about the insects or rodents that are creating the illness. Additionally, they get details about the symptoms, which can be incredibly important if the homeowner isn’t sure what kind of pest is present.
Completing a Pest Control Diagnostic
With the initial information in hand, it’s time to find out the cause of the issue. A pest control specialist will perform a thorough exam, assessing the evidence and the symptoms. Their goal during this phase is to determine the nature of the home’s illness, not unlike a doctor figuring out what’s going wrong when a person isn’t well.
Pest Control Professional Prescribed Treatment
After a diagnosis is made, it’s time for treatment. Since the pest control professional now understands the nature of the illness, they can choose a course of action. This may include medications in the form of pesticide or rodenticide. Additionally, it could involve excising the problem by removing harborage, just as a doctor would cut out a tumor, or performing house surgery by doing necessary repairs.
Physicals, Checkups, and Maintenance Meds
Once the acute illness is handled, that doesn’t mean the house doctor’s work is done. Instead, pest control professionals can do more to ensure your home’s long-term health.
For example, regular maintenance and checkups can be used to keep a problem from recurring. This can include maintenance medicines in the form of pest prevention products that are designed to stop insects or rodents from making a house ill again.
As you can see, a pest control professional isn’t just a problem-solver. They are also a home doctor who strives to do everything they can to keep your house healthy and free of illnesses. That way, both you and your home can remain in the best shape possible.
Who to Call When You Need a Home Doctor
At Ed’s Dead Bug, pride ourselves in our ability to treat ill homes. We have a variety of treatment options to handle a wide array of pests, including insects and rodents. Along with handling emergencies, we can apply preventative treatments on a regular schedule. Plus, we guarantee our results. We’ll do what it takes to ensure your home is healthy and remains so for the long-term.