Got Stinging Pests? Why You Should Always Leave Them to the Professionals

There are a lot of “home remedies” for stinging pests, but many of them aren’t especially effective. Others are incredibly dangerous, and the consequences of trying to handle a nest yourself could even be deadly.
Some people (not stinging pest experts) recommend waiting until dark and spraying a nest with a garden hose, but this is incredibly dangerous. While the force of the water may tear the nest apart, all it does to the stinging pests is make them angry. When bees, wasps, or hornets believe their home is under attack, that puts them in attack mode too. And, if they find you, they will sting.
Professional pest control providers understand the risks of handling stinging pests. Plus, they have the right gear (those bee suits are more than just a fashion statement!) and the proper treatments to get rid of bees, hornets, and wasps for good.
The Risks of Handling Stinging Pests Yourself
To put it simply, stinging pests are dangerous. If you are allergic, a single sting can be deadly. And, if you’ve never been stung before, you might be allergic and not know it.
Even if you aren’t allergic, you can still suffer serious health consequences. In fact, multiple stings can be deadly for anyone. The accumulation of the venom leads to a toxic reaction in healthy individuals who don’t have an allergy, creating a medical emergency.
One woman who sent a message to us online discovered the dangers of stinging pests the hard way. She reached out about a yellow jacket nest, and we offered to come out and treat the problem. But, someone online convinced her that waiting until nightfall and spraying the nest with a garden hose would be a smarter choice than hiring a professional for a treatment.
She went out to spray the nest and was stung 17 times. She had never been stung before, and it turns out that she is allergic. She rushed to the ER, and the cost of her medical treatment was around $20,000. After getting out of the hospital, she called and told us she wished she had listened to a professional.
Other Dangers of Stinging Pests
A single, softball-sized nest has the potential to be deadly. While many people worry about their own safety, there’s more to it than that.
If you have an untreated nest and a neighbor gets stung, you could be liable for not handling the situation properly. This means you could be responsible for paying medical bills and other forms of compensation if someone else gets hurt.
At Ed’s Dead Bug, we always do same day or next day appointments for stinging pests. If you have our $33-a-month warranty plan, there’s no additional charge. If you just need a single service, we’ll address the problem for only $99.
In either case, you can rest assured knowing that the stinging pests are removed the right way. Not only does this keep you and your family safe, but it keeps everyone else in your neighborhood safe too.