​Ed’s Dead Bug and Pest Relief International! Giving Free Services toNonprofits in Need

Shelters, food banks, religious organizations, and so many other nonprofits provide valuable services to
their communities, all while battling with tight budgets. Recently, Ed’s Dead Bug joined Pest Relief
International, a nonprofit organization that ensures that every organization helping their communities
has access to the pest control services they need without any of the financial burdens.
We are looking for nonprofit organizations that could use our help, ensuring that they can continue
doing their good work without having to worry about pests like rodents and bugs. Our goal is to help
these nonprofits eliminate and prevent pests without them having to worry about the financial burden.

Our Free Services for Nonprofits in Need

In association with Pest Relief International, Ed’s Dead Bug is happy to offer the following services to
nonprofits in need:
 Rodent Control
 Trapping, and Exclusion
 Mattress Encasements to Ensure Safe, Sanitary Sleeping Options in Shelters

These services can be vital in the fight against vector species, particularly in sleeping spaces.

Ed’s Dead Bug is Looking for Nonprofits in Need!

Ed’s Dead Bug is currently looking for nonprofits to help, including religious organizations, food banks,
shelters, and more! If you are part of a nonprofit that could use our service or know of one that could,
please contact us or Andrea Hancock at Pest Relief International. We’d be happy to do our part to keep
our community free of pests.
If you want to support the great work of Pest Relief International, you can help too! They are always
taking donations of supplies and financial support, and can match volunteers to opportunities where
you can make a difference in your community.
Click the link to learn more about donating: www.pestreliefinternational.com/donate