Got Stinging Pests? Why You Should Always Leave Them to the Professionals

There are a lot of “home remedies” for stinging pests, but many of them aren’t especially effective. Others are incredibly dangerous, and the consequences of trying to handle a nest yourself could even be deadly.Some people (not stinging pest experts) recommend waiting until dark and spraying a nest with a garden hose, but this is […]

European Paper Wasps: Everything You Need to Know

When people hear the word “wasp,” their skin may crawl. Plus, European paper wasps look pretty scary. These black and bright yellow, slender-bodied insects resemble yellow jackets, and most people would assume that they need to be afraid of potential stings.But European paper wasps are actually yellow jacket imposters. While they look like their much-feared […]

Bald Faced Hornets: The Yellow Jacket’s Big Brother

Bald-faced hornets are a zebra-colored relative of the yellow jacket. These black-and-white insects are feared by many, mainly due to their powerful and incredibly painful sting. Plus, they are found all across the United States, so there’s a decent shot nearly everyone has heard of or encountered them during their lifetime.Understanding the Bald-Faced HornetThe bald-faced […]

Pest Control Professional? More Like Home Doctor!

When you think of pest control professionals, you probably see them as a solution to a problem. Technically, that’s true. When rodents or insects are an issue, the services they offer can be the answer.But that isn’t all a pest control professional is. In many ways, these specialists are more like home doctors. Their goal […]

Seal it up! Seal ’em out! Why it’s so important.

Prevention Matters! Why Exclusion is the Key to Keeping Rodents at Bay! Let’s face facts; no one wants rodents scurrying through their homes. Unless you have a pet rat orhamster, the ticking of tiny nails on the floor and scratching in walls or attic spaces will make your skincrawl. Plus, you have to deal with […]

​Ed’s Dead Bug and Pest Relief International! Giving Free Services toNonprofits in Need

Shelters, food banks, religious organizations, and so many other nonprofits provide valuable services totheir communities, all while battling with tight budgets. Recently, Ed’s Dead Bug joined Pest ReliefInternational, a nonprofit organization that ensures that every organization helping their communitieshas access to the pest control services they need without any of the financial burdens.We are looking […]

Protect Your Home from Creepy Crawlies with Ed’s Dead Bug

Warranty ServiceKeeping your home free of bugs long-term requires more than a single treatment. Treatments designedto prevent ants, spiders, and stinging pests from making your home theirs don’t last forever, soquarterly maintenance is key.With Ed’s Dead Bug warranty program, you get preventative treatments every three months. Thiscreates an effective barrier against a variety of insect […]

Save the Bees! Ed’s Dead Bug Works Hard to Protect Bees

Honeybees are a vital part environment. As a pollinator, they help ensure that nearly 400 types of agricultural products (like apples, almonds, and cucumbers) are able to grow and thrive. Plus, honeybees make delicious honey!When it comes to pest management, Ed’s Dead Bug works hard to protect the helpful bees in our communities while ensuring […]

We Love Bugs! Just Not in The House!

“Why do we have “Dead Bug” as our name but dress our kids as bugs for Halloween?” Answer:We LOVE bugs! (Bugs, insects, arachnids, you get it) just not in the house! By studying them, we understand which “bugs” pose a problem for a homeowner. We find the term “exterminator” very offensive. We’re not in the […]

Tiny Helper

Yes, our daughter was helping Daddy treat an apartment for fleas! *She is wearing the proper PPE, per the label that they were using.* We are family owned and operated and will offer family friendly service. We make mouse calls! Serving Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater!One time services start at $149. Quarterly plans start at $99.We […]