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​We LOVE bugs! (Bugs, insects, arachnids, you get it) just not in the house! By studying them, we understand which “bugs” pose a problem for a homeowner.

We find the term “exterminator” quite offensive. We’re not in the business of eradication, just home protection. We take our job very seriously and vow to protect any insects that do not pose a threat, especially honey and bumblebees.

We truly offer a greener, better solution to your pest management needs by understanding each local pest and how to effectively protect your home from tiny unwanted invaders, with or without chemicals, depending on your situation. Not all treatments are “one size fits all”, call to customize yours today! ​

*Our 10 year old daughter created our logo, the stomping “Dead Bug Guy”, by herself on MS Paint.*

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Most ant infestations can be tackled with 2 visits, 2 weeks apart. If you live in a high ant pressure area, we recommend going onto our quarterly maintenance program afterwards.

Ant infestations

Damage & Entry Points

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We service all of Thurston, Mason and Pierce counties and parts of King and Lewis County. Please contact us for more coverage information.